Natural Habitat Design is run by Carolyn Trussell. Services include:
Professional plans, Planting service, Garden artwork and specification, Photo albums of your project, Lighting schedules, Garden talks and garden dressing for special events
Different Services Offered

Assessment visit
After making initial contact, this first meeting is to establish your practical requirements, your style preferences and your budget; this is when we can discuss and agree exactly what you want and how I can best help you to achieve it. Any planning issues can also be raised. I will then make a preliminary assessment of your existing plot, its relationship to your property and the surrounding area. Following my visit, I send you a written report or summary outlining my understanding of your requirements and preferences and my fee proposal for the design work. There is no charge for this visit.
Stand-alone consultation visits are also offered to discuss a particular area or a problem you might have within your plot.
During the initial meeting we can establish which of the following services your project is likely to require.

Consultation visit
This will give you ideas and advice so that you can work on the garden yourself. This visit if very much more comprehensive than the usual initial assessment visit and charges vary from £60 - £120 depending on detail and complexity.

Measured survey & site assessment
Unless working to architects' plans, a survey is necessary to plot the existing garden, assess levels and soil type and take a full set of photos in preparation for producing a concept plan.

Concept plan
The concept plan gives you a detailed and scaled colour CAD plan with details for all suggested materials and planting elements. The Concept plan takes time to produce and may include sets of images of suggested landscaping elements, features or finishes. It will be accompanied by perspective sketches and sketch impressions showing how the finished garden will look.

Construction information
It is often necessary to prepare a hard landscaping plan with all key dimensions shown for a landscaper to construct the design with complete accuracy. Working drawings for elements such as pergolas or pools may be needed.

Planting package
A key part of garden design's success is to select exactly the right plants for the style and conditions. The planting package gives you a comprehensive list of all the plants for your new garden. You may also want to have a detailed and separate planting plan if necessary with every plant identified and labeled. All the plants can be sourced for you from nurseries and an accurate quotation will be prepared for you. Many customers prefer all the planting to be done for them whilst others either help with the planting or do it entirely themselves depending on their level of expertise and the time available. A follow up maintenance guide is also available to ensure the best ongoing care of your new garden.

Tendering & project monitoring
You may want us to prepare a full or part specification to go with concept and hard landscaping plans. This allows different landscapers to quote for exactly the same work. You may wish to contact landscapers yourself or we can do this on your behalf. The project construction can also be monitored to ensure a smooth process and accurate building of all design elements.

How much does a design cost?
Costs depend on the number of the above services required, the size and complexity of the site and the types of design features required.

And finally:
At every stage I will work with you to shape your ideas into the very best garden for you. Using the experience of many successfully completed projects linked to professional design skills, the finished result will be unique, practical and beautiful!